AMC Code of Conduct

The AMC (Australian Marriage Celebrants) Code of Conduct sets out the ethical and professional standards that celebrants are expected to adhere to in their practice.

AMC holds its members to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct and performance. Members must recognise that they hold a position of great trust and responsibility in the community, and that their personal and professional conduct should be worthy of that trust. A commitment to abide by the principles of this Code of Conduct will be a prerequisite of membership.

Members will be expected at all times to adhere to the following:

Details of the AMC (Australian Marriage Celebrants) Association’s expectations for personal and professional conduct. These principles highlight the importance of integrity, respect, adherence to regulations, and dedication to providing excellent service. Here is a summary of the key points:

Honesty and Personal Integrity: Members are expected to demonstrate honesty and personal integrity in all their actions, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in their professional conduct.

Tolerance and Respect: Members should be tolerant of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious, moral, or social beliefs of both members and clients. Respect for diversity and inclusivity is essential.

Professional Integrity: Members are required to be fully conversant with and strictly adhere to the Code of Practice for marriage celebrants as outlined in Schedule 1A (regulation 37L) in the Marriage Regulations 1963, as well as the Privacy Act. This ensures professional integrity and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

High Standards of Performance and Service: Members are encouraged to dedicate themselves to the highest standards of performance and service, aiming to provide exceptional service to their clients.

Respect for Other Members: Members should show respect for other members, maintaining courteous dealings in person, at AMC meetings, and on the AMC Forums. This fosters a supportive and professional community within the association.

Compliance with Legislation and Regulations: Members are expected to comply with all legislation and regulations applicable to conducting business in Australia. This includes adhering to relevant laws and regulations related to their celebrant practice.

Personal Presentation: Members are advised to pay careful attention to all aspects of personal presentation to reflect the highest levels of professional excellence. This includes presenting oneself in a professional manner during client interactions and at ceremonies. By upholding these principles, members of the AMC Association can maintain a high standard of professional conduct and ensure the delivery of exceptional services to their clients. For more detailed information about the association’s expectations, I recommend referring to the website for the complete Code of Conduct.