AMC Testimonials

I have been a member of AMC since I became a Celebrant.

The wealth of knowledge of other members and office bearers is enormous and we can access this any time.

They are thoroughly helpful and professional.

Posted by Gabrielle Mcneill (VIC) on 19th Jun 2019

I have been a member of the AMC for at least six years and I am so glad as it is an amazing Association.

We can always get last minute help from the Help Desk, and both the Help Desk and Chat forums are full of insight from the more experienced celebrants.

I sought assistance from Executive Committee Member Keith Lammond from day one and often turn to him for guidance and assurance in any matter. He has always made himself available which I really appreciate. He has helped me in so many ways.

Another celebrant friend of mine in another state has also asked me about leaving her current association to join AMC. I, of course, highly recommended her joining AMC. So to say the least, if others are coming across to join us, then AMC obviously stands out from the rest.

AMC members are one big family that are always there to help and guide each other. A comforting thought and proud to be a member.

Posted by Kamal Al Saliby (NSW) on 29th Aug 2016

A hearty congrats and thank you to the AMC President Ann Dally and Committee for the Conference at Crowne Plaza Coogee this year. What a treasure trove of information, learning, fun and networking opportunites.

I joined AMC soon after I became a Celebrant in 2012 and went to the last Conference in the Gold Coast in 2014. That experience guaranteed I would attend this year.  On top of that, I was approached to run one of the workshops as a presenter.  Such a compliment and honour.  It was a fantastic experience to share with my peers.

Not only is this organisation an absolute goldmine of wealth and knowledge but it is one of the friendliest and supportive organisations I have ever been a part of.  The online Help Desk is testament to that.  EVERY question is responded to with care and respect by members as well as the committee, and we have a vast pool of experience and knowledge to dip into.

I strongly urge celebrants to be a part of AMC.  It truly is a worthwhile investment in yourself and your role as a celebrant. I see it as an asset which makes me a better celebrant and encourages me to ‘lift my game’ at every level where and when I can.

Thank you AMC


Posted by Elizabeth Taylor (NSW) on 3rd Jul 2016

AMC does a great job and I am so pleased I joined. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. The members’ helpdesk is a wonderful resource – members generously share their advice on any ‘curly’ legal questions as well as sharing their experiences and ideas on how we can ‘raise the bar’ and make the most of being celebrants.  I use the helpdesk regularly and invariably have a response to a query within hours.
  2. AMC conferences are inspiring, informative and great fun. I attended my second conference this year – another excellent, stimulating and enjoyable program. It also provided a great opportunity both to network with other passionate and professional members and to get up ‘close and personal’ with the wonderful, hard-working AMC executive team.
  3. AMC insurance scheme offers good value and peace of mind;
  4. Celebrants are small business owners, working mostly on their own – it is reassuring to have the solidarity and organisational strength of AMC behind us.

Keep up the good work!

Posted by Patricia Quinn (QLD) on 2nd Jul 2016

Since I became a Celebrant 10 years ago, I have found AMC to be my greatest asset. My first port of call every morning when I get my emails.

So many of our members are willing to share their expertise and inspire us. The Help Desk Forum is a huge help for those times when you face a situation which tests your memory (we all have blank moments!), whether it be a legal question or a plea for information about a certain council’s way of working with your PA sytems in parks or reserves, or when presented with unusual ceremony requests.

We can always find answers by submitting a question or just clicking on the search bar. The Chat Forum is so much fun. We have some members who write about their hilarious or even ‘patience testing’ weddings with humour and sensitivity, and these, although fun to read, also help us to feel confident and part of this community of Celebrants.

We have a fine Committee of experts. Ann Dally, always ready to help, and Keith Lammond, the encyclopedia of Celebrancy, keeping us in touch with what is happening in Canberra, and many more benefits, like insurance included in our Membership; OPD handled with so much great information and our conferences where we can put faces to the names we connect with daily in the Forums.

Finding  local Celebrants in your area and knowing you have back-up in an emergency from someone you know and really trust to deliver your ceremony the way you would like.

If you join us, welcome to our AMC Community!

Posted by Ann-Marie Von Douglas (QLD) on 29th Jun 2016

I feel secure in my role as a Celebrant that I have a solid resource (and a wealth of experience) at the end of my keyboard.

Thanks AMC!

Posted by Leslie Davis (TAS) on 28th Jun 2016

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 2016 AMC conference last weekend.

As a relatively new celebrant, it’s just so valuable to hear the benefit of experience from such experienced and well respected celebrants and to be part of such a professional association.

I found all the sessions so interesting and learnt so much. The best part of the weekend was meeting such wonderful fellow celebrants. Everyone so welcoming and supportive and the Committee members were always so available and willing to help.

It reflects so well on the culture of the Association and the integrity of the people leading it.

Congratulations to Ann and the team on putting on such a fantastic conference. I’ll definitely be attending all future conferences!

Posted by Louise Mcdonough (NSW) on 26th Jun 2016

Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc (AMC) is a wonderful professional body that genuinely cares for its members and for couples wishing to marry in Australia.

AMC provides helpful information, education, marketing solutions and advice to celebrants by way of its fantastic ‘couples focused’ website, complete with detailed member profiles.

There is an on-line Help Desk and Chat Forum along with many other resources for members, celebrant representation to Government by way of CoCA, and AMC holds fantastic national conferences which also cover ongoing professional development opportunities for members. Regional networking meetings and emergency phone assistance is readily available.

With expert Executive Committee members and other experienced celebrants helping others and sharing ideas, the winners are definitely the couples married by AMC’s professional celebrants.

I’m proud to be an AMC member and cannot recommend this body more highly. Thank you!

Gina Callan (Civil Marriage Celebrant at Licensed to Wed, Lyons, ACT)

Posted by Gina Callan (ACT) on 24th Jun 2016

2016 AMC Conference

Back in Queensland after a fabulous AMC Conference at Crowne Plaza in Coogee Beach. I made the trek south hoping that I would:

  • Have an injection of fresh, new ideas.
  • Meet some like minded colleagues.
  • Learn better ways on conducting the business side of my celebrancy.
  • Learn better ways of conducting weddings and funerals.
  • Have a lot of fun and do a lot of talking and listening.
  • Frock up and have a boogie.
  • Find ways to set the bar higher.

I returned home having:

  • Met lots and lots of great celebrants of all ages with varying degrees of experience, with similar philosophies and  having formed some wonderful new (and old) friendships.
  • Academically learning truckloads.
  • Full of new and innovative business ideas and practices.
  • Completed my OPD.
  • Danced and danced my little legs off.
  • Enjoyed fab and talented band “Slide McBride”.

Having been sucked in and absolutely splitting my sides laughing at the “guest speaker” Monsieur Roland de Heye (say his name quickly a few times!) – actually comedian Rodney Marks – absolutely tops.

The Conference ran so smoothly – everything flowed so well which takes a LOT of planning. The Conference Committee had everything from registration to fond farewells down pat. It must have felt like herding cats at times as celebrants love to talk – with 4 conference rooms all busily in action simultaneously – it flowed with a minimum of fuss.

I could go on and on but all round the Conference gave me more that I had hoped to gain – oh and I won a ‘you-beaut’ pretty white music stand that I will use over and over!

Thank you AMC!

Posted by Mary Bruce (QLD) on 23rd Jun 2016

I received my lovely AMC membership certificate this week. Thank you!

It is a great delight and privilege to be a member of AMC.

Thank you to Ann and the wonderful executive committee for all their efforts in enabling AMC to be the great association that it is, and for the caring, supportive and professional values that we members enjoy.

Warmest wishes of the happiest kind.

Posted by Sandra Hill (QLD) on 22nd Jun 2016