AMC Testimonials

I am very pleased to be a member of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. (AMC) as I believe that it is the most credible in Australia.

I clearly have the impression that an individual’s personal views on specific issues are respected, and I appreciate this.

There are other organisations who I have ‘unsubscribed’ from because they are clearly pushing their views and agendas onto marriage celebrants!

Peter Blades

Posted by Peter Blades (QLD) on 21st Jun 2016

I have just attended my first AMC conference which was held in Coogee, Sydney. I can’t express how much I enjoyed the experience and how much I have learnt in two days.

The committee did an exceptional job in organising this conference. From the time I checked in to the hotel, till the time I checked out, I knew exactly what I was doing, where I was meant to be, and what time I was meant to be there.

The speakers on Saturday were inspirational. The content was informative and relevant. I particularly liked Monsieur Roland De Heye. It was great to have such a talented comedian at the end of the day.

The dinner was great, as was the band. One of the highlights for me was meeting other celebrants, I don’t know any other industry where people are so giving and willing to help and assist each other.

I am a relatively new celebrant and can learn so much from more experienced celebrants, and they are so willing to share their experiences and skills. I worked in the public service for 25 years and believe me, this is not always the case!

Thank you to the committee for working so hard for us. Ann Dally, it was so good to meet you!

I look forward to a long association with this organisation.

Well done all of you. Thanks again.

Sharon Swinbourne

Posted by Sharon Swinbourne (NSW) on 20th Jun 2016

A big thank you to Ann Dally and her Executive Committee for all the work they put into the 2016 AMC Conference at Crowne Plaza, Coogee.

This event was fabulous from Friday nights cocktail party to the close on Sunday afternoon. I learnt so much from the workshops (OPD) especially from the one on social media, which for me is a little daunting.

In every workshop I picked up tips and plenty of new ideas for presenting my ceremonies, so I thank all the presenters for their time and effort – it is very much appreciated.

The Gala Dinner on Saturday night was stunning from beginning to end, the ambience, food and entertainment was first class.

These events take a great deal of time and effort to put together so I thank everyone on the Executive for all their hard work – it was worth every cent that I paid and I wouldn’t have missed it.

Again to Ann and The Executive – THANK YOU!

Robyn Reynolds

Posted by Robyn Reynolds (NSW) on

I’ve been a member of AMC for more years than I can remember and have found it to be the most supportive and encouraging professional association I have ever belonged to. The expert advice and encouragement that members receive from their Executive Committee and other members is absolutely invaluable.

I can’t recommend AMC too highly to any marriage celebrant looking for an association to join.

Jane Gillespie

Posted by Jane Gillespie (NSW) on 17th Jun 2016

I would like to say thanks for all that AMC has offered me since becoming a member of the association and a HUGE thank you to Ann Dally for her ongoing support and guidance.

As a relatively new celebrant still struggling to find my place within the profession of Celebrancy the assistance and guidance offered through the forum and the pages of this website has been invaluable.

Upon gaining my registration as a Registered Celebrant I joined a few of Associations and I can honestly say that, in my experience, AMC offers the best level of ongoing support for its members. I am always humbled by the generosity and kindness of those who respond so promptly and knowledgeably to questions posted on the forum and appreciate the sharing of wisdom and experience. It is the best learning platform for new and experienced celebrants alike – after all, we never stop learning do we? Most of the posts on the forum are supportive and encouraging and this makes the task of developing my skills and knowledge so much easier.

I especially want to thank Ann Dally, our President, for her patience and personal guidance and mentorship as I find my way within this profession which I love.

In my opinion AMC is well on the way to becoming the premier association for Celebrants in Australia (if it is not already!). Thank you so much to eveyone who contributes so generously and supportively. It is a privilage to be a part of this association.



Posted by Linda Munster (QLD) on


I’ve been a member of the AMC for about 3 years now and couldn’t be happier with them.

There’s not a day goes by that I don’t check out the Member Forums and I have asked several questions over time, and always received helpful answers to my problems from other reputable members.

I live in Rouse Hill and attend AMC meetings run by the Hills District Regional Co-ordinator Simone Lewis-Cocks. Simone always has interesting people giving us great ideas to help us be better celebrants.

I am booked to go to the AMC conference this weekend (17, 18, 19 June) and am beyond excited to be attending, not only does it include our OPD but it will be a fun packed weekend with a cocktail party and gala dinner as well.

Keep up the good work, I am one happy member 🙂

Cherri McConnell

Posted by Cherri McConnell (NSW) on 16th Jun 2016


I am a member of the AMC and am delighted with this amazing organisation.

I have found AMC to be very helpful with so many vast and different enquiries relating to marriage ceremonies and legalities.

They have an answer for every question asked, which only goes to show how extraordinary their expertise actually is.

I have always been able to rely on them, knowing I have the back-up necessary when situations arise.

AMC you certainly are a life saver to me, and I would highly recommend anyone who is considering joining a reputable marriage celebrant association, to join with us on our journey as registered civil marriage celebrants.

There is always help from both a professional and personal perspective whenever necessary.

Thank you once again for the amazing job you are doing!

Kindest of regards and wonderful expressions of gratitude

Annette Blanch

Posted by Annette Blanch (NSW) on

I highly recommend any new or existing celebrants to join the AMC. They are always there to help you with any query that may crop up from time to time in your celebrancy work.

You feel that you have a large group of professional, experienced celebrants behind you, whom are always willing to promptly advise you of any issue you are unsure of, no matter how small.

I just spent the weekend with a great bunch of these guys at the biennial AMC Conference in Coogee. Not only did I take home many new ideas and useful information that will enhance my role as a celebrant, I also made some beautiful friends. I feel I have become a part of a whole new world of like-minded people who are as passionate about their role as a celebrant as I am.

Thank you AMC for always being there for us all and thank you for an excellent weekend of learning, laughing and fraternity.

Warm regards,


Posted by Gemma Sremchevich (NSW) on 6th Jun 2016