Since I became a Celebrant 10 years ago, I have found AMC to be my greatest asset. My first port of call every morning when I get my emails.

So many of our members are willing to share their expertise and inspire us. The Help Desk Forum is a huge help for those times when you face a situation which tests your memory (we all have blank moments!), whether it be a legal question or a plea for information about a certain council’s way of working with your PA sytems in parks or reserves, or when presented with unusual ceremony requests.

We can always find answers by submitting a question or just clicking on the search bar. The Chat Forum is so much fun. We have some members who write about their hilarious or even ‘patience testing’ weddings with humour and sensitivity, and these, although fun to read, also help us to feel confident and part of this community of Celebrants.

We have a fine Committee of experts. Ann Dally, always ready to help, and Keith Lammond, the encyclopedia of Celebrancy, keeping us in touch with what is happening in Canberra, and many more benefits, like insurance included in our Membership; OPD handled with so much great information and our conferences where we can put faces to the names we connect with daily in the Forums.

Finding  local Celebrants in your area and knowing you have back-up in an emergency from someone you know and really trust to deliver your ceremony the way you would like.

If you join us, welcome to our AMC Community!