AMC does a great job and I am so pleased I joined. Here are just a few reasons why:

The members’ helpdesk is a wonderful resource – members generously share their advice on any ‘curly’ legal questions as well as sharing their experiences and ideas on how we can ‘raise the bar’ and make the most of being celebrants.  I use the helpdesk regularly and invariably have a response to a query within hours.

AMC conferences are inspiring, informative and great fun. I attended my second conference this year – another excellent, stimulating and enjoyable program. It also provided a great opportunity both to network with other passionate and professional members and to get up ‘close and personal’ with the wonderful, hard-working AMC executive team.

AMC insurance scheme offers good value and peace of mind;

Celebrants are small business owners, working mostly on their own – it is reassuring to have the solidarity and organisational strength of AMC behind us.

Keep up the good work!