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Josh Withers: crafting authentic, unforgettable moments, one wedding at a time. As a progressive wedding celebrant, Josh brings his whole heart and unwavering passion to each ceremony, helping to create a bespoke experience that speaks to the unique love story of every couple.

With his casual yet professional demeanor, Josh shatters the traditional image of a wedding celebrant. He’s modern, open-minded, and excited to celebrate all love—whether you’re a same-sex couple, transgender, or simply defy labels, Josh is your champion. He believes weddings should be inclusive, joyful, and represent the couple at their core. He’s there not just to conduct a ceremony, but to celebrate love in all its forms, to help write your story, your way.

Josh’s natural charisma and sense of humor will ensure your special day is not only meaningful but also filled with laughter and fun. He has a knack for setting everyone at ease, weaving your personal stories and shared experiences into a ceremony that’s not just heartfelt, but also entertaining and memorable.

Yet, he’s not about the pomp and circumstance or the standard script—Josh is about authenticity. He tailors each wedding with careful consideration, respecting your vision and personal beliefs, and ensuring that your ceremony is a true reflection of your journey together. He brings a depth of experience and a dedication to detail that guarantees a ceremony as unique as your love.

So, if you’re looking for a celebrant who strikes the perfect balance between sincerity and fun, tradition and individuality, look no further than Josh Withers. He’s not just a celebrant; he’s your co-creator in crafting a momentous occasion that will resonate in your hearts forever. Josh is proud of the work he does and, without a doubt, his passion shines through every ceremony he conducts.


Maybe I’m a little bit crazy, Maybe I’m a genius, But I recommended Josh to a friend of mine before we even had our ceremony. After Peter and I got married, I knew that I wasn’t just recommending him for no reason.
Josh is one of the most personal and enthusiastic people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He exudes happiness and it’s so obvious that he is passionate about bringing people together. Josh is a true storyteller.
You should let Josh tell your love story. I promise you won’t regret it.

Rowena and Drew Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Josh was so great. As soon as we sat down for coffee with him, we knew that he was perfect for our ceremony. It’s so important to choose a celebrant that shares your view of marriage and who will make the ceremony amazing. Josh was so supportive of the little touches that we wanted and he has such a modern and profound understanding of what marriage is today. Our ceremony was touching, funny and suited us perfectly. I can’t recommend him enough, and I have already given away all the business cards I have of his to friends!

Dan and Kate Brisbane, Queensland

We cannot thank you enough for the job you did on the day! We have received a lot of positive feedback about our ceremony – many friends assuming you were a family member, several “how did you manage to find such a fun celebrant!” and then a few follow up calls when people saw you again on Married At First Sight (“OMG I just saw the guy that married you on TV!”). It will definitely be remembered for a long time to come for all the right reasons.

Anthony and Elena Brisbane, Queensland

Thanks Josh, we loved having you as our Celebrant, you absolutely kicked arse. It was so good. I normally find ceremonies to be boring and strangely sad or awkward but I LOVED our ceremony. Thank you for making it amazing!

Ben and Leah Sydney, New South Wales

Josh was a amazing. He understood exactly what we meant when we said “we don’t want to fall asleep”. Josh is a professional purveyor of fun, light hearted and touching wedding celebrations, but he still makes sure that the seriousness of the moment is woven into the lining of what he says. He had a clear understanding of what we wanted from this moment in time and did not fail to deliver.

Chris and Melissa Brisbane, Queensland

Lee and I just want to send you a MMMAAAASSSSIIIVVVEEE thank you for being such a special part of our magical day! You were nothing short of amazing! Both of us were nervous about the ceremony. Now, looking back, it was one of the biggest highlights of the day and we will never forget it. Your ability to make such a delicate moment fun and enjoyable yet maintain the appropriate level of “special” is nothing short of incredible. It’s reflective of how super cool of a human being you are! So thank you!

Lee and Courtney Maleny

Now that the dust has settled on the wedding, honeymoon, move to Brisbane and new jobs, Rach and I wanted to write to you to express our sincerest thanks for making our ceremony unforgettable. We simply couldn’t imagine a better person that we wanted to involve in our day as a celebrant.
In particular, we loved how you supported us the whole way through the process – including coming down to meet us in Sydney and then being at the venue the day before.
I’m sure you know better than most that the whole experience can be a little daunting but your presence made us both feel really comfortable/confident in what we were doing.
Also, your guidance (both in person and through your website) helped us make the ceremony (including our vows) really personal and unique to us.
On the day, we really appreciated how you managed to make the ceremony light-hearted and fun and how you really engaged the crowd so that everyone was having a good time.
I know that I threw you for a loop with the vows (I still don’t know what I was thinking to change the plan in the middle of the vows) so we really appreciated how you took it all in good stride and good humour.
As for the handing over of rings, well, we won’t talk about that! Just kidding, we are so glad it happened as it made for a good laugh. It’s amazing how all the things that you worry might go wrong end up being the best part!
We hope to see you around Brisvegas some time soon.

Rob and Rachel Sydney, New South Wales

The best decision we made was to hire Josh! When we met him in his board shorts, singlet and thongs we knew we were on to a great thing! He is effortlessly amazing in his impromptu speech and every guest commented on how amazing he was! You would be silly not to book him! We laughed, we cried, we signed! – Mr and Mrs Almassi

Hannah and Ardy Maleny, Queensland

Three words! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Josh will not only marry you to the love of your life, he will also put you completely at ease, make the entire experience easy, simple and fun and most importantly help hold your veil down when the wind attacks!

Scott and Rebecca Canberra, ACT

We’ve never been to a wedding as amazing as ours! Josh, you are a legend and that’s really all there is to say. However, it’s hardly a testimonial.
You ticked all our boxes and more. You were far from stuffy, boring and smelling of moth balls. You totally got us by delivering a ceremony that was different, even though we couldn’t exactly articulate to you what that meant. You delicately mixed humour with the serious side of getting hitched. We loved your beautiful unscripted words…those that made us feel warm and fuzzy, and those that made us all laugh. Our wedding ceremony was a true reflection of us and how we roll, and we can’t thank you enough for being you.

Roy and Mariya Brisbane, Queensland