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Marriage Celebrants Parramatta

Are you contemplating tying the knot in Parramatta?

If so, you will find almost everything you can dream of in this fascinating enclave of Sydney’s historical west.

Imagine; starting your day by the beautiful Parramatta river surrounded by Jacaranda trees in full bloom, people doing yoga and joggers passing by. Having breakfast and coffee overlooking the tranquil river with your favourite marriage celebrant while you go over the details of your special day.

It is no wonder people choose Parramatta in the eastern suburbs of Sydney for their wedding.

Not only is it a pivotal area in Australia’s rich settlement history (The second oldest city in Australia) but there are plenty of amazing wedding venues ranging from historic buildings, heritage listed National Trust Houses, sandstone courtyards with vine-covered verandas to grand 5 star opulence to peaceful golf course views to simple park wedding venues.

All are equipped to cater for wedding parties of all sizes and budgets and complimented by modern event amenities perfect for your betrothal.

Historical Significance

Speaking of history, carbon dating shows that Parramatta was inhabited up to 30,000 years ago by the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Originally called Burramatta, by our First Australians, meaning the “head of waters”, “the place where the eels lie down” or “eel waters” – I always wondered how the Parramatta rugby club got its mascot – it later became Parramatta in 1791 as an approximation to the Aboriginal word.

The oldest surviving Government house is located here, and it is also the Parramatta area where John Macarthur’s Elizabeth Farm was set up in the 1790’s – the site of the pioneering Australian wool industry.

There Are Plenty Of Things To Do In Parramatta.

Your wedding guests, who choose to spend some time here, can take a historical trek around the buildings, churches and cemeteries, go for a romantic boat ride or simply grab a relaxed coffee in the Church St district (named after St John’s Cathedral which is the oldest church in Parramatta built in1803).

A leisurely ferry ride to Circular Quay is another popular sojourn. Your guests will be relaxed and invigorated before sharing your special day with you.

Where To Stay

Your wedding guests will have no shortage of accommodation choices in Parramatta, from charming and elegant to clean and modern – there’s somewhere to stay to suit all budgets and needs.
For those who are not staying overnight it is very easily accessible via train, bus, ferry or car.

Marriage Celebrants Liverpool

Liverpool, just 27 kilometres (17mi) south-west of the Sydney Central Business District.

Imagine; your day starts enjoying a delicious breakfast and coffee in one of Liverpool’s many café’s or coffee shops hiding down an exotic arcade, discussing the details of your special day with your favourite marriage celebrant.

Liverpool has several establishments dedicated to functions as well as venues like the Liverpool Golf club with stunning views of the lake and golf course. You can find a perfect wedding venue in Liverpool that will cater to all sizes of wedding parties and budgets.

Liverpool History

Liverpool was the 4th town established in New South Wales, named after Robert Banks Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool, and started in 1810 as a convict town. The convicts were initially brought here to build roads and bridges for the thriving farms.

Railways reached Liverpool in the late 1850’s and, with its productive land, soon became a major agricultural and poultry centre as well as a transportation hub for Sydney.

As recently as the 1950’s, Liverpool was still considered a satellite town. Through the 1960’s it became home for low-income families with the vast Housing Commission estates.

Today the Livepool city center has many little laneways and arcades, not unlike Melbourne for visitors and locals to explore as well as historical buildings and modern shopping centres to explore.

What To Do In Liverpool

As one of Australia’s oldest urban settlements there are quite a few historical buildings to discover such as Collingwood House (farm house) the oldest building in Liverpool built in 1810 , the Old Liverpool Hospital (now TAFE) built in 1822 and the Liverpool Railway Station & Goods Shed opened in the 1850’s as well as the Old Liverpool Courthouse also built in the 1850’s.

Liverpool Accommodation

Accommodation in Liverpool is mostly hotels and motels for both high and low-end budgets.

Liverpool is easily accessed by car, train or bus.

AMC is the largest directory of marriage celebrants in Australia with marriage celebrants in the Sydney Western Suburbs who will help make your special day as perfect as it can be.

All AMC marriage celebrants are authorised under Australian law and will tailor your wedding, in a very personal way.

Our Celebrants also have years of experience in the area and can help you with suggestions around wedding venues, photographers, flowers etc.
An “authorised celebrant” is a person who is authorised (registered) by the Australian Government to perform legal marriages according to the Marriage Act 1961.