Privacy Policy

Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. ABN 97 400 197 473, is covered by the National Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 and amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

To comply with our obligations we have adopted a Privacy Policy which sets out how we manage privacy in our organisation.

As responsible corporate citizens we appreciate the importance of confidentiality. This part of the obligation remains unchanged by this privacy policy. The privacy policy deals with your additional right to privacy and is independent of our contractual and ethical obligations.

This includes:

  • We will only collect the personal information that is required to fulfill our business as Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc in conducting our business, with members, the authorities and with the public.
  • The collection of our information will be transparent.
  • Retained personal information from any source will be used and disclosed only in the provision of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. business functions and activities. We will not sell or release personal information to any unrelated third party unless required by law.
  • We will use or disclose information only in ways that are consistent with our members’ expectations or are required in the public interest.
  • Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc will take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we hold is accurate, complete, up to date and securely stored.
  • Wherever possible we will let you access the information we hold about you. For security reasons you may be required to put your request in writing.
  • If requested, we may be able to deal with you anonymously.

Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc.

  • ABN 97 400 197 473
  • PO Box 89 Sutherland NSW 1499
  • For account enquiries:
  • All other enquiries: or
    call 0449 043 331

Office Bearers

  • President: Ian Raffan
    (Bella Vista, NSW)
    Ph: 0429 723 326
  • Vice President: Lesley Gasmier 
    (Ardross, WA)
    Ph: 0432 432 812
  • Treasurer: Craig Moran
    (Sydney South/Shire, NSW)
    Ph: 0417 584 156
  • Secretary: Sharon Swinbourne
    (Kirrawee, NSW)
    Ph: 0410 524 002
  • Public Officer: Sharon Swinbourne
    (Kirrawee, NSW)
    Ph: 0410 524 002