AMC New Celebrant Membership

Original price was: $230.00.Current price is: $205.00.

Early Bird Special – available in May & June 2024

Exciting update! You’re now invited to join the Australian Marriage Celebrants (AMC) at any time throughout the year. By becoming a member, you’ll gain immediate access to all the valuable benefits and resources provided by the association. The annual membership fee is $230, covering GST, AMC Insurance, and Copyright Cover. But wait, there’s more! If you’re considering joining in May or June of 2024, you can take advantage of a special introductory rate of $205 for your new membership.

But that’s not all! This year, the AMC aims to express appreciation to our members through a special draw in August. Members from every state and territory have the chance to win extraordinary prizes. In each state and territory, we’re presenting 3 prizes: a complimentary membership for 2025, a $100 gift voucher, and a surprise product from our new AMC website shop. So, 3 fortunate members from each state and territory will each be bestowed with one of these prizes.

Don’t let this fantastic opportunity slip by; join now to start enjoying the rewards of your AMC membership and be in the running for these incredible prizes, alongside all the other benefits that come with being an AMC member. Join now!


To be successfully accepted as an AMC Celebrant member, you must complete an application form to begin your membership process. You can find this form in your shopping cart after adding the new celebrant membership.

Your membership encompasses the following benefits:

Unlocking the Benefits: Why Join the AMC?

Included in the annual membership fee for the Australian Marriage Celebrants Association are numerous benefits and savings, including:

  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance: Our celebrant insurance offers unique Run-off insurance, providing coverage for 7 years for allegations of professional negligence made against you after your policy has lapsed or been cancelled.
  • The inclusion of CAL copyright protection is now integrated into the membership rate, whereas previously, it was offered separately as an optional add-on at a rate of $50 per member.
  • Full profile page on the AMC website, featuring your direct contact information, social media links, and the option to promote your other wedding services. Your profile page URL acts as your own business website within the new AMC website.
  • Our exciting new “Find Your Celebrant” search feature on our website, enables couples to browse available celebrants within their region, as well as those who may not be from the region but provide services there. This means you can now showcase all the regions you serve and expand your promotional reach. Business promotion through real wedding stories and wedding ideas blogs on the AMC website
  • Celebrant support forums, accessible both on our website and Facebook platform. These forums serve as invaluable hubs where celebrants can connect, collaborate, and share insights within a supportive community. Whether you’re seeking advice, exchanging ideas, or simply looking for encouragement, our forums provide a space where celebrants can come together to enhance their skills and navigate the intricacies of their profession. Join us in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to supporting celebrants at every stage of their journey.
  • Find a Celebrant Members Group Facebook page, a dedicated space for our members to showcase their businesses and services. This empowers celebrants to promote their offerings organically, fostering meaningful connections with couples seeking their services. Through this platform, members can leverage the power of social media to expand their reach, share their expertise, and engage with potential clients in an authentic and personal manner.
  • We offer free monthly online education sessions! These sessions are crafted to offer invaluable insights and knowledge on a range of topics directly beneficial to our members. Covering everything from emerging wedding trends to tried-and-tested best practices, our goal is to equip members with the latest information and resources, empowering them to elevate their skills and expertise. We firmly believe in the power of continuous learning as a catalyst for professional growth and success, and these sessions represent just one of the many avenues through which we aim to support our members on their journey.
  • AMC offers access to our team of regional coordinators, spanning across Australia. These dedicated celebrants serve as valuable resources, providing localised support and guidance to our members nationwide. Whether you’re seeking advice on local regulations, looking to connect with other celebrants in your area, or in need of assistance with specific challenges, our regional coordinators are here to help.
  • A wealth of resources, guidelines, templates, and other materials to aid members in their celebrant duties, covering ceremony planning, legal obligations, marketing strategies, and business growth.
  • Our Interactive OPD Study Session, which offers participants the opportunity to engage in face-to-face sessions as well as online alternatives. This approach allows for greater flexibility in participation, catering to varying preferences and schedules. Our aim is to create a dynamic learning environment where attendees can actively participate, exchange insights, and enhance their professional development.
  • Becoming part of the AMC association opens doors to connect with fellow celebrants, cultivating a nurturing professional network where you can share experiences, swap ideas, and seek guidance in a supportive environment.
  • Advocacy on behalf of members’ interests and rights within the industry and with external stakeholders, including government bodies, regulatory authorities, and industry organisations.
  • Enhanced professional credibility and reputation through membership in the respected AMC association, signifying a dedication to upholding high standards and professionalism in the field of marriage celebrancy.