AMC New Celebrant Membership


Exciting news! You now have the opportunity to join the Australian Marriage Celebrants (AMC) at any time throughout the year. This allows you immediate access to the association’s benefits and resources. The annual fee stands at $205 (inclusive of GST), and an extra $50 is applicable if you decide to include Copyright Cover.


To be successfully accepted as an AMC Celebrant member, you must complete an application form to begin your membership process. You can find this form in your shopping cart after adding the early new celebrant membership.

Your membership encompasses the following benefits:

  • Full Personal Profile Page
  • Access to AMC Professional Development
  • Opportunities for Networking and Collaboration
  • Access to Resources and Support
  • Advocacy and Representation
  • Recognition and Promotion
  • Inclusive Community and Support

AMC Members have the option to obtain License Cover, which serves as protection in potential cases of copyright infringements. While it’s not obligatory, you have the opportunity to request a Copyright License from CAL along with your membership application. The annual cost is AU $50 (inclusive of GST). For further details about the benefits and inclusions of your Copyright License, please click on the following link: About Copyright License.


Download our Members Insurance Policy Document below.