International Couples

Getting married in Australia as an international couple can be a straightforward process, and it’s important to be aware of the key points and legal obligations involved.

Legal Obligations To Get Married in Australia

Under the Marriage Act 1961, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled before a marriage ceremony can be officiated. These requirements are fundamental for the legal acknowledgment of your marriage and involve the completion of two distinct legal documents: the “Notice of Intended Marriage” and the “Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage.” Here is more information about each of these legal forms.

Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)
Couples must submit a completed and signed NOIM to their chosen Marriage Celebrant at least one calendar month and no more than eighteen months before the marriage ceremony. This form is usually completed during the initial meeting with the celebrant. You can access the Australian NOIM form at the following link: Australian NOIM Form

Identification Required
As well as the NOIM, before the marriage can take place both parties must provide the authorised celebrant evidence of their date and place of birth. This can be a birth certificate, an official extract from a birth register or an Australian or overseas passport.

Before the marriage can take place, the authorised celebrant must also be satisfied that you are one of the people named in the NOIM. Photographic evidence of identity such as a passport, a driver’s licence, a proof of age card or an official identity card will assist the authorised celebrant in meeting this requirement.

Previous Marriages
If either party has been legally married previously, evidence of how the last marriage ended must also be supplied.
This can be in the form of a Divorce Decree, Death Certificate or Declaration of Nullity (Court Annulment Certificate)

The NOIM lists who can witness the signatures of the marrying couple.

The Notice must be signed in the physical presence of an authorised witness as specified in the “Signatures of parties and witnesses” section of this form.

Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage
Before the wedding ceremony, both parties are obligated to sign a declaration under the Marriage Act 1961, affirming their belief that there are no legal impediments to their marriage. It’s crucial that the information provided on this legal document is accurate and signed by the correct individual named in the certificate. By signing this declaration, both parties confirm that, based on the truth and accuracy of the declaration, there are no legal grounds preventing them from getting married.

Finding a Celebrant
The AMC Association and its celebrants can provide all the support and guidance throughout your wedding planning process. We can assist with understanding the legalities, navigating challenges specific to international couples, and ensuring a meaningful wedding ceremony.

By utilising the resources and support offered by the AMC and its celebrants, international couples can access the information and assistance they need for a successful marriage ceremony in Australia.

“Find Your Celebrant” now to begin the process of getting married in beautiful Australia.