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Welcome to the home of Australian Marriage Celebrants Incorporated. This website is a national directory of Authorised Marriage Celebrants, who are members of our Association.

AMC is a forward thinking, professional body that actively promotes and supports our wedding celebrant members in their provision of services.

This site is run by Marriage Celebrants for Marriage Celebrants and if you are seeking advice on the requirements of marriage, what a Marriage Celebrant does, and/or have any questions regarding any legal aspects, we will be able to assist you.

An AMC authorised Marriage Celebrant is appointed by the Australian Commonwealth Government’s Attorney-General’s Department and are registered, committed professionals. Every experience celebrant listed on our website demonstrates sensitivity in the performance of Marriage and wedding ceremonies, civil ceremonies, and civil marriage. Our members abide by a strict Code of Practice at all times.

Find out more about AMC and find your perfect commonwealth registered marriage celebrant.

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