AMC Insurance & Additional Copyright Licence


The following provides details about the insurance coverage included with your Australian Marriage Celebrant (AMC) membership. For comprehensive information, please refer to the attached link for the insurance document.
Gallagher is the current insurance broker for Australian Marriage Celebrants members. 

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance protects your livelihood and your reputation, providing cover for what you do in your profession. If someone takes legal action against you after you have provided a professional treatment or advice, your professional indemnity policy provides a range of covers that includes legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury to third parties or damage to their property, and financial loss arising out of any act, error or omission on your part.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance should be considered for all businesses that interact with the public, even in small ways. No business is without some degree of risk. Protect yourself, your staff and members of the public by having cover for financial loss if a third party seeks compensation from you for a negligent action.

Products Liability

Products liability insurance protects you against liability for damages caused by goods sold or supplied by you.
Public liability cover may be essential if you sell, supply or deliver products to members of the public. This cover protects you against being held liable for damage caused by goods sold or supplied by you, including damage caused by or associated with design defects, manufacturing defects or inadequate labelling, and is essential to protect you and your business.

Limits of Liability on the Group Policy

Limit of Indemnity:

Section One – Public Liability
each and every occurrence. Includes Property in the Care Custody and Control of $100,000
in all.

Limit of Indemnity:

Section Two – Products Liability
each and every occurrence and in the aggregate during the Period of Insurance

Limit of Indemnity:

Section Three – Professional Indemnity
each and every occurrence or act error or omission & $6,000,000 in the aggregate during
the period of Insurance


The insurance policy will indemnify the Insured for any Claim made as a direct consequence of any inadvertent infringement or alleged inadvertent infringement of any copyright, patents or other intellectual property rights arising out of the provision of the Business in Australia.
The cover provided by this extension is not subject to Exclusion 1.23 Intellectual Property.

What’s the difference between ‘Occurrence based’ cover and ‘Claims Made’ cover?

The combined policy is the ‘occurrence’ based type. This means that you are covered for any incidents that occurred while the policy was in force, even if the claim is not made until some years after the event.
Most of the alternative policies available are written on a ‘Claims Made’ basis. This means they will only cover you for claims actually made during the currency of the policy.
Therefore if you cease practicing you may still need cover to allow for claims which might not be lodged until some years later.
‘Run Off’ cover may be available under some of the alternative policies where it will still provide the cover after you have ceased operations, however; this may be an additional premium.

Full Members Insurance Policy Document

Gallagher Disclaimer:

To the extent that any material in this document may be considered advice, it does not take into account your objectives, needs or financial situation, and is considered general in nature only. You should seek legal or other professional advice before acting or relying on any of the Content. All insurance policies contain exclusions of cover, and no claim is guaranteed. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.
You should consider if the insurance is suitable for you and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Financial Services Guide (FSG) and policy wording before making a decision to acquire insurance. Please ask us for more details before we provide you with our services. Our FSG is available on our website.


The licence permissions are as follows:

* Photocopying (up to 10% or one chapter of any book, journal or magazine.

* Supply of hard copies to clients.

* Scanning and electronic storage i.e. on hard drive.

* Displaying material on PowerPoint etc download.

* Download and store material from internet such as poetry and prose. This does not include whole images. For the displaying of images you should purchase them ethically, or seek permission from photographers and your marrying couple to display those photos.

* Post material on the password protected AMC website.

* Access and download material from AMC password protected website.

* AMC members do not have permission to give downloaded material from the AMC website to any non-member person.

* It is permissible to scan and email material to another AMC member or upload to the AMC website.

* This licence does not include the use of other’s work on your own website. That is a matter of seeking permission from the author’s yourself.

The benefits include:

* A cost-effective way of managing your copyright responsibilities and removing the need to ask for permission each time you want to use copyright materials; AMC members can source material from anywhere, web, books, journals, magazines etc. Members do not need to add things to the website, only if they want to or if someone else has requested a certain poem, the celebrant can upload for the other celebrant to copy etc. There will be a central resource ability in the Member’s area and people will be encouraged to populate that resource.

* Convenient access to millions of copyright materials like books, journals & newspapers by way of being able to copy, download, store scan, distribute without needing to seek individual permissions each and every time.

* The ability to fill in the gaps in copyright compliance around your use of materials provided under subscriptions and other materials your organisation uses; and

* A licence that removes the risk of copyright infringement.

* This new licence structure also has an indemnity so if a member was sued for breach of copyright, CAL would indemnify them against any and all damages.

* This licence covers a worldwide distribution and it not restricted solely to Australian works.

Licence Benefits:

* Ability to download and store material from the internet on your computer’s hard drive from any site on the web.

* Post material on AMC ‘password protected’ website for other members to access and use material –

sharing of materials will be highly encouraged.

* Photocopy from books, journals, magazines, periodicals within licence limits – see restrictions below.

* Scan material.

* Supply hardcopy (photocopies) material to readers at weddings, funerals etc. If hard copies 

were requested on a multiple basis, e.g. booklets for a wedding, funeral then the celebrant 

would need to seek a person CAL Sole Trader Licence outside of this agreement with AMC.

* Display material on PowerPoint displays or data projectors.

Last Revision: May 2021

Copying Limits & Access Restrictions:

* In the case of a book, magazine or periodical, you may copy up to 10% or one chapter, whichever is greater.

* For journals you may copy one article from any issue or more than one article if they all relate to the same subject matter.

* All material posted must be from a “legal source” – that means from an original source, and not a pirated one.

* You are not permitted under this licence to sell copies of ceremonies or a collection of works, unless of course they are your own original work.

Authorised Users:

* Only financial members of Australian Marriage Celebrants (AMC) may use the material posted on the site, for the purposes of celebrant work only.

* Access must be for financial members of Australian Marriage Celebrants only. The network website must be password protected.

* Password protected means a system whereby each financial member is given their own unique login and password to gain access to the posted material on the network website. This will be via the downloads section of members administration page.

* All AMC financial members whether registered celebrants or students celebrants having paid the copyright fee in their membership fees will be covered by this licence.

* All celebrants must be provided a unique login name and password.

Works and Excluded Works:

* You may source and copy any works that are to be used for the purposes of celebrants work within the limits set out by the agreement.

* Excluded works are Australian Newspapers, music and song lyrics covered by CCLI Christian Copyright Licensing International.

Structure of Licence Agreement:

The licence agreement is between CAL and Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc. In this respect AMC will ask each member to read the conditions of membership including copyright and agree to those conditions on the membership form. As it is the responsibility of AMC to ensure members comply with the terms and conditions of the licence, any suspected breach of the agreement will be referred to the Executive of AMC for investigation, and may result in suspension of membership until the matter is resolved.

Acknowledgement of authors and artists:

* Music is not covered under this licence. For information on music licenses you should refer to APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association at

* The copying of lyrics is permitted in this licence.

* When using the work of artists/authors/creators you will need to add to the hardcopy the following words – “Copyright Agency Limited – Licensed Copy”. * A celebrant should publicly educate his/her couple by saying that the poem/s and/or ceremony is for their usage and that further reproduction of the material is not covered by this licence.