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Why Join The AMC

Becoming a member of the AMC (Australian Marriage Celebrants) Association provides benefits and support for marriage celebrants in Australia.

Joining this professional marriage celebrant association you will be provided with valuable support, resources, and networking opportunities. It’s a way to enhance your professional development, stay connected with the industry, and access relevant information and guidance for your celebrant work.

Unlocking the Benefits: Why Join the AMC?

  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance: Our celebrant insurance offers unique Run-off insurance, providing coverage for 7 years for allegations of professional negligence made against you after your policy has lapsed or been cancelled.
  • The inclusion of CAL copyright protection is now integrated into the membership rate, whereas previously, it was offered separately as an optional add-on at a rate of $50 per member.
  • Full profile page on the AMC website, featuring your direct contact information, social media links, and the option to promote your other wedding services. Your profile page URL acts as your own business website within the new AMC website.
  • Our exciting new “Find Your Celebrant” search feature on our website, enables couples to browse available celebrants within their region, as well as those who may not be from the region but provide services there. This means you can now showcase all the regions you serve and expand your promotional reach. Business promotion through real wedding stories and wedding ideas blogs on the AMC website
  • Celebrant support forums, accessible both on our website and Facebook platform. These forums serve as invaluable hubs where celebrants can connect, collaborate, and share insights within a supportive community. Whether you’re seeking advice, exchanging ideas, or simply looking for encouragement, our forums provide a space where celebrants can come together to enhance their skills and navigate the intricacies of their profession. Join us in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to supporting celebrants at every stage of their journey.
  • Find a Celebrant Members Group Facebook page, a dedicated space for our members to showcase their businesses and services. This empowers celebrants to promote their offerings organically, fostering meaningful connections with couples seeking their services. Through this platform, members can leverage the power of social media to expand their reach, share their expertise, and engage with potential clients in an authentic and personal manner.
  • We offer free monthly online education sessions! These sessions are crafted to offer invaluable insights and knowledge on a range of topics directly beneficial to our members. Covering everything from emerging wedding trends to tried-and-tested best practices, our goal is to equip members with the latest information and resources, empowering them to elevate their skills and expertise. We firmly believe in the power of continuous learning as a catalyst for professional growth and success, and these sessions represent just one of the many avenues through which we aim to support our members on their journey.
  • AMC offers access to our team of regional coordinators, spanning across Australia. These dedicated celebrants serve as valuable resources, providing localised support and guidance to our members nationwide. Whether you’re seeking advice on local regulations, looking to connect with other celebrants in your area, or in need of assistance with specific challenges, our regional coordinators are here to help.
  • A wealth of resources, guidelines, templates, and other materials to aid members in their celebrant duties, covering ceremony planning, legal obligations, marketing strategies, and business growth.
  • Our Interactive OPD Study Session, which offers participants the opportunity to engage in face-to-face sessions as well as online alternatives. This approach allows for greater flexibility in participation, catering to varying preferences and schedules. Our aim is to create a dynamic learning environment where attendees can actively participate, exchange insights, and enhance their professional development.
  • Becoming part of the AMC association opens doors to connect with fellow celebrants, cultivating a nurturing professional network where you can share experiences, swap ideas, and seek guidance in a supportive environment.
  • Advocacy on behalf of members’ interests and rights within the industry and with external stakeholders, including government bodies, regulatory authorities, and industry organisations.
  • Enhanced professional credibility and reputation through membership in the respected AMC association, signifying a dedication to upholding high standards and professionalism in the field of marriage celebrancy.

This is just a glimpse of the benefits and advantages of joining the Australian Marriage Celebrants Association. We’re always exploring fresh and thrilling ways to honour and showcase our members to couples. One exciting initiative on the horizon is the upcoming launch of the AMC Membership Awards Program later this year.

We firmly believe that these benefits are invaluable to our members and significantly contribute to their success within the celebrant community.

Please be aware that membership eligibility in the AMC Association is open to registered marriage celebrants in Australia. Additionally, eligibility is also extended to celebrants who are currently awaiting their registration from the Australian Attorney-General’s Department.

If you are in the process of becoming a registered marriage celebrant and wish to join the AMC Association, kindly proceed by following this link to select the new membership option that aligns with your current situation (link to membership plans)

Student membership is available for people in the process of completing their Certificate IV in Celebrancy from a registered training organisation (RTO) or a qualification in celebrancy, awarded by a university specified in the Marriage (Celebrancy Qualifications or Skills) Determination 2018

Becoming an AMC Student Member entitles you to access resources and support, such as online courses, the members support centre, celebrant resources, local meetings and events offered by the AMC. These avenues can provide valuable learning opportunities and networking connections as you embark on your journey to becoming a marriage celebrant.

Upon receiving your celebrant registration number, you become eligible to upgrade your membership to a full celebrant membership at a discounted rate, gaining access to all the benefits associated with a full AMC celebrant membership.

Join Now

AMC (Australian Marriage Celebrants) membership renewal occurs on your yearly membership anniversary, which may vary as members can now join at any time during the year. When your renewal is due, you have the chance to extend your membership for the upcoming year, ensuring continued access to the benefits and resources provided by the AMC Association.

As an existing AMC member, you will receive a special discounted renewal offer via email before your membership anniversary. This provides you with a month to renew at the special discounted rate. If you miss this exclusive offer, you can still renew your annual membership at the standard renewal fee. An email with details of the standard renewal fee will be sent in the month your annual membership is due.

Both emails will include clear instructions on how to renew your membership through the AMC website.

The AMC allows a grace period of 2 months for members to renew their annual membership. After this period, your profile will be suspended, and access to the members’ area will be revoked. In such cases, the celebrant will need to re-register as a new member.

By extending your membership during the annual renewal period, you can maintain your status as an AMC Association member and retain access to the association’s resources, support, and professional development opportunities.

“If you’re considering joining the AMC (Australian Marriage Celebrants) at any point during the year, it’s worth noting that the association offers this option. This grants individuals the chance to become members and gain access to the association’s benefits and resources outside of the standard July enrollment period. This flexibility accommodates those who wish to become members and ensures they can make the most of the association’s benefits and resources. For additional information, please follow this link to New Celebrant Membership

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AMC New Membership

$ 230 Annually
  • Professional indemnity & public liability insurance
  • CAL copyright protection
  • Full profile page on the AMC website
  • Website Business promotion
  • Celebrant support forums
  • Social media pages to promote our members
  • Free monthly online education sessions
  • Access to regional coordinators Australia-wide
  • Resources, guidelines, templates, and other materials
  • Networking and Community
  • Advocacy and Representation
  • Professional Recognition

AMC Student Membership

$ 80 Annually
  • Celebrant support forums
  • Free monthly online education sessions
  • Access to regional coordinators Australia-wide
  • Resources and Support
  • Resources, guidelines, templates, and other materials
  • Networking and Community
  • Advocacy and Representation

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