Resources and Guides

For detailed information on completing the NOIM, please visit the official Attorney General’s Department website: Notice of Intended Marriage.
You can download the Notice of Intended Marriage form directly from this link: NOIM Form

Guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961: To access the guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961, you can visit the website of the Attorney-General’s Department at These guidelines provide further information and clarification on various aspects of the legislation.

To access the Australian Marriage Act 1961 guidelines and related legislation, please follow these links:

Marriage Act 1961 on the Federal Register of Legislation.

Marriage Regulations 2017 on the Federal Register of Legislation

These guidelines offer additional information and clarification on various aspects of the legislation.

By visiting these links, you can access the relevant forms, legislation, and guidelines related to marriage in Australia. They can assist you in understanding the legal requirements, completing necessary documentation, and obtaining additional guidance when necessary.

Navigating the legal requirements for marriage can appear intimidating, but our AMC celebrants, authorised by the Attorney General’s Department, are well-versed in all the necessary procedures. They will guide you through the process, making it more manageable. Choose an AMC celebrant for a smoother understanding of the necessary steps. Find a Celebrant